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INVESTING IN YOU...with Arlette L.M. Jeet M.B.A.

"Investing In You...Changing Lives by Changing Paradigms"

What's That in Lbs. ? 

Hi there,

Let me tell you it is not easy being well … different … but it is worth it!So this episode begins with me fervently telling my friend, “No, no. I don’t need to join the gymn. I am using the one downstairs.”

Well actually it should begin with the fact that I used to be skinny (or “magga” as they say in Trinidad and Tobago from whence I originate) but now I am not.I used to be way skinny. I was so skinny in fact that I started praying for certain attributes that in my opinion a lady should have. After all my mum and sister looked great and shapely whilst I was skinny!

So you have probably guessed what those attributes I was praying for are.Needless to say, once again my prayers were answered. They were answered in a matter of years but answered they were.Someone should have told me though to pray for a flat stomach ( I am working on it now) !

This is a good example of faith without works is dead. For in recent years I have had to pray for a flat stomach! Now do you actually think that prayer worked? Yes it did! It has gotten me to E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E!

That 8 letter word that I wished I could say I ran from but truthfully I had only walked rather slowly away from. If I had ran perhaps I would have a flatter stomach at the time of writing!

Anyway let me “re-gress”, ( Arlette’s Dictionary) to my point!

I was convinced that I weighed 155 lbs. Perhaps I was convinced because where I come from we are metric.But not here, “No, Siree, Bob!”

It was with this conviction that I said hey I have no need to join the gymn, no need to exercise. After all I ( in my own mind at least ) was a healthy 155 lbs.Mind you, my mother had said I needed to lose weight. My ex-employer had recommended I lose weight. When I told my parents what he had said, my Dad was wise enough (as most men are) to say not a word on the matter. However mum replied rather quickly, “But you already know that.”


Another LOL moment from the Jeet family chronicles.

So it brings me to August 2010 when my dear friend was so adamant about the fact that she is joining the Y.


I told my sister about it. She lives in Bermuda and agreed it was an altogether marvelous idea.

I was not convinced but it was economically viable and the business woman in me joined the Y as well.Shockingly enough I found myself going to the gymn and enjoying it along with the pool and spa until ( yes there is an until ) I asked a trainer to show me how to use their scale so I can weigh myself.Remember how I said earlier that I really was convinced I weighed 155 lbs?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I got weighed on a scale that she herself said was not balanced properly so she attempted to balance it. Whilst all of this balancing was taking place, I was sort of thinking actually I was out-rightly believing there was something wrong with that scale. She looked at me and said, “You are ____ lbs.”

Now I shudder to tell you what it was though it was under 182 lbs.

I shudder to think of how naïve I had been thinking I was 155 lbs for the past 6 years?

I looked at her definitely not in half belief but I was in total unbelief that she could be correct in this matter and I asked, “What's that in lbs?

Note she had quoted it in pounds but I just refused to believe. Now I attempt to workout at least thrice per week! Never again will I be so naïve (hopefully).

By the way I lost 9 ½ pounds from then till now…so exercise is no longer a curse word to me!