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It May Happen in A Different Way

Posted on January 8, 2021 at 2:55 PM
It May Happen in A Different Way
Psalm 68:19 Blessed Be The LORD who daily loadeth us with benefits.
It is just as easy to be full of encouragement as it is to be full of discouragement. Today let us choose to be full of encouragement. How we do this is the number one question on the minds of many believers and non-believers alike. Firstly become a believer by simply saying, “Jesus. Save me”. Secondly focus on the WORD of the Living God. Thirdly ask the Holy Spirit to Comfort and Guide us.
I know that many persons face disappointment when they think things have not happened the way they thought those things should have happened. We may also be discouraged when things do not occur at the time we would prefer them to occur. But here is our opportunity to remember and thank GOD for the truth that HE loads us with benefits on a daily basis. Therefore if things did not pan out today how you want them to be, tomorrow they can.
As we look to the WORD for encouragement, wisdom and guidance we will walk into success. Remember  Joshua 1:8 advises us to meditate in the WORD day and night (continuously), observe to do all that is written therein and we will make our own way prosperous and have good success. Now simply say, “Holy Spirit please help us to receive our daily benefits from The LORD.”
Arlette L.M. Jeet Falone M.B.A.
Warrior Notes Bible Study Leader
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