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INVESTING IN YOU...with Arlette L.M. Jeet M.B.A.

"Investing In You...Changing Lives by Changing Paradigms"

Controlled Discipline in the world of Advertising by Arlette L-M Jeet Falone

So you think you have never been in a relationship? 

My insights, research, synthesis as to the relevance of “controlled discipline” in the production of commercials, for selling a product or service.

Hi there,

Let me begin by reiterating what we already know but is worth repeating, Marketing is all about relationship. Business is all about relationship.Commercials, advertising in any form is about either establishing new relationships or bettering already established ones.

Definition: Controlled discipline may be defined in various ways it has been deemed as including the principles of meekness and those established by Jesus’ sermon on the Mount. I have also added to my definition the understanding of Dr. Bruce Winston and his explanation along with his description and analysis of the Beatitudes RE: Blessed are the Meek.

Keith Moore of Faith Life Church and Moore Life Ministries also adds insight on meekness; he has an entire set of teachings on it. Meek as defined by the Holy Bible is humble. Humble in its actual definition means compliance with the Word of God. To be humble is to comply with the Word of God. Moses was the meekest man on earth yet the most powerful of his time. This in itself indicates that being meek (complying with the Word) leads to the holding of great power. Therefore if companies would comply with the Word within their commercials then it goes to say that they would hold much true power to attract and keep returning customers.

Jesus the Christ who is the living Word of GOD explains in his teachings that love is the greatest of the Commandments. So my definition of Controlled Discipline includes the need for being meek which is complying with the Word of God and His principles and applying them with love such as ‘agapao’ ( doing the right thing because it is right) and ‘agape’ ( a decision out of which flow actions) love. Therefore to have ‘controlled discipline’ one must have knowledge of how to comply with the Word of God.

For example one may have the ability to speak in any given situation but one has to know if it is appropriate to speak in the circumstances. One should not go shooting one’s mouth off for every reason but exercise wisdom in knowing which battles to speak up for thereby demonstrating ‘controlled discipline.’

Relevance of“controlled discipline” in the production of commercials, for selling a product or service:

It is relevant to commercials in today’s world because the principles of God are everlasting. What one sows is what one reaps unless one digs up their harvest before it comes to fruition. Therefore when a commercial goes about for example degrading another product in order to get its product sold, is this showing ‘controlled discipline?’ No. Indeed not. There must be a better way by which to sell. Why not try simply emphasizing the benefits of your own product/service?

We don't want to build our businesses on negativity for it would beget negativity.Negativity usually passes to the potential customer who would purchase the product or service only if they have no other alternative since they would prefer not to associate with such negativity. Therefore we want to be far removed from any such lack of positive thought retention in the minds of our customers and potential customers. After all it is more profitable to us as well as beneficial to the individual that we retain a returning customer market, not merely temporary consumers who have alternative merchants from which to purchase.

The principle of seedtime and harvest prevails. For that negativity that a company sows by degrading another, shall surely reap a harvest.

Conversely, should we build our marketing campaigns on a positive note, ensuring that we do not misrepresent our businesses, then we are sure to reap a positive harvest from this as well.

Controlled discipline is an element that would be beneficial to companies and their marketing campaigns. Marketing is all about relationship. Advertising and production of commercials work towards either creating relationships or bettering already established relationships. I shop where I know I receive the best value for my money as well as where I am treated with dignity. This for example is one of the reasons I choose certain restaurants in which to have a meal. Sometimes it may be a bit pricy but the service, relationship and level of controlled discipline that may be found there is what keeps me returning. When a customer is a returning customer and not just a consumer, it usually is a result of some form of ‘controlled discipline’ as I have defined above.

Respectfully submitted,

Arlette L-M Jeet Falone

Arlette Jeet


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