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INVESTING IN YOU...with Arlette L.M. Jeet M.B.A.

"Investing In You...Changing Lives by Changing Paradigms"

Leadership in business today:

Calculating compensation in a biblical fashion

by Arlette L-M Jeet

Purpose of this paper:

The purpose of this paper is two-fold. It has been written with the intention of educating those who choose to calculate compensation according to biblical principles and biblical guidance as established within the word of the Living God as well as to tell this in the form of a story that will remain in the minds of those who read it whether they choose to directly follow its principles or not.

The areas covered in this paper:

This paper or popular press article covers the area of biblical compensation as derived from the text found in the gospel of Matthew 20:1-16. It is written in the form of a story so as to capture the attention of the reader as well as provide a means by which to be retained in the mind of readers.

What has been achieved in this paper:

This paper has indeed achieved its intended purpose. As one reads this paper one realizes the significance of the biblical text upon which it is based. Furthermore, reading it as applied in the format of a story with actual characters, allows for its applicability in today’s world, to be realized in the minds of those who may have once believed there was no relevance as well as reinforced in the minds of those who in fact were already of the belief that these biblical principles are relevant today. This paper has established guidelines that may be applied to present-day situations of calculating compensation of a workforce.

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Figure 1 Arlette L-M Jeet author ofLeadership in business today:Calculating compensation in a biblical fashion.

Arlette L-M Jeet is a Legal, Business and Media Consultant with global work experience after having lived within Europe, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the United States of America.

Arlette L-M Jeet and her team




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