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INVESTING IN YOU...with Arlette L.M. Jeet M.B.A.

"Investing In You...Changing Lives by Changing Paradigms"


Arlette has written three novels thus far...

Mark and Marie The Adventure Begins Volume I is the first in a series of novels written by author Arlette L-M Jeet. It contains mystery, adventure, suspense, intrigue, spirituality as well as romance. It has all the makings of an excellent read and more.

Tragedy has touched the lives of both Mark and Marie in many ways but they have overcome every obstacle thus far and have become stronger as a result. They live in the world of intelligence where every second counts and safety is of optimum importance. Their goal is simply this; to get the job done at any cost. For Marie this means she will not allow herself to go against the Ten Commandments. However Mark sees no need for them but he refuses to allow Marie's belief system or his lack of one to destroy their family.

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Author's Biography: Arlette has proven herself to be effective in the fields of law, business, national security and investigations. She is a specialist in Science, Mathematics and Computers and applies her skills effectively. With a firm foundation in the field of law she moved to London, United Kingdom where her specialty was investigations and operations in making retail branches profitable. Each branch she managed was "turned around" from being unprofitable to profitable. When she had succeeded in her goals there, she returned to her career as a Legal & Business Consultant specializing in company formation and the like.

Whilst a Legal & Business Consultant, Arlette was offered the unique opportunity to move into the field of national security and investigations which has given her ample occasion to utilize as well as sharpen her skills. She is a rather private person who enjoyed living in Europe, USA and the Caribbean where she has sat on various committees inclusive of and not limited to Leadership, Charitable as well as Education Committees. Her passions include encouraging and inspiring people to be all they were created to be.

Through it all, Arlette serves as a Consultant for a company that was created as a foundation to reach the worlds of business and finance, law and government in a manner that allows for encouraging values based lifestyles. Arlette continues to strengthen her close ties with the USA, UK and Caribbean adding value as a Consultant. She has ever increasing experience in the private sector, government sector as well as the not-for-profit sector. She continues to produce literature that ensures she is certainly Investing in You…

Investing in You...Where Beauty Begins Ltd.

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Arlette Jeet with her Team



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